Poll: Who will "win" E3?

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I voted MS. The Wii U is fun. It is it's own thing. PS4 is the most powerful of the 3. It is MS that must prove is relevance in E3. They will not fail. I look forward to hearing it.

Certainly not the consumers. It's the free hit of smack given out by a dealer. There's a major come down on the way and you'll have to debase yourself to get what you want later. By which I mean pre-order and struggle through glitchy crap that will still be rubbish 5 weeks and 10 patches later.

Yes, I am comparing pre-ordering games based on hype to prostituting yourself for heroine... it's perfectly apposite!

The company that shows the most original games instead of "Well-Selling-Game 15" wins in my book.
For that reason, my money's on Sony, due to their commitment to indies. However it could go either way with their AAAs.

Nintendo just put up an Eshop video for Mother 1 / Earthbound Zero.

...Yeah, they're off to a good start. XD

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