[OT] Zombi (PS4, XBO, PC, Wii U {Zombi U})

This is a remake? I mean I guess the 1986 version would have been wildly different from what we got on the Wii U...and other consoles. Anyway, I don't think this sold very well because when you look at screenshots (I) immediately think LEFT 4 DEAD. It looks like another entry in a genre that's been over-saturated over the past however many years. How many titles in the past few years for the PC for example have been 1st person Zombie Survival games for example? How many first-person shooters featuring zombies have been on consoles in the past few years that look similar to this? Having played this, I know that it's a completely different beast but the drooling masses probably took one look at ZombiU, said "SEEN IT" and immediately tuned it out.

This isn't the best game I've ever played. This isn't the best Wii U game I've played. This isn't even the last Wii U game that I've played but it's definitely under-rated and too often overlooked.

I've heard that it was a flawed but still good game. I don't own (nor intend to own) a Wii U so I'll have to watch for the reviews on the "new" releases and see if they're still worth grabbing or if time has passed it by.

A quick look at metacritic places it in the 7's so I'll likely get it...just not until it bargain bins :)

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