What is your GOTY so far?

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine.
Honestly, while it ain't considered a game, it's impressive and has enough to be seen as one in my eyes.
Heck, I still haven't completed it.

It only makes it easier to support CD Projekt RED in their future exploits... I'm only a little saddened they aren't making more stuff for the Witcher 3, but they've done enough to make me super satisfied. Now only if they tease up about their current game project, Cyberpunk. :'D

Special mentions go to VA-11 Hall-A.
They've made a petite, hyper sex-bot my number one character for the year.

I only have two choices right now. X-Com 2 and Doom are the only 2016 games I've played thus far. Due to the fact that one of them was far less technically screwed up for me, Doom gets my vote.

Edit: Forgot Overwatch. That gets my vote now.

I bouhgt Undertale at the beginning of this year not at the end of 2015, so if that counts it's definitly Undertale.

Except that game i only bought Helldivers, SuperHot and Enter the Gungeon. And while they're all decent games they're nothing special either.
Maybe Doom would take the place if i get it. Just didn't feel like it though. Same goes for DS3.

I haven't played all that many games released this year, although I was gifted Dark Souls III and I have been having so much fun playing with friends, not as much on my own. So I vote for that.

Of course, we are also getting Final Fantasy XV, Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, Ace Attorney 6, Pokemon Sun&Moon, Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, so who knows, plenty of time for one of those to take their place as my GOTY.


OT: Been having fun with Dark Souls 3 for jolly co-op. DOOM is pretty rad but gets a bit dry on extended sessions. A touch early to choose a goty, pokemon might be solid, final fantasy xv is looking like it could be a contender if they didn't done fuck it up...

Legend of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel (PS3)?

I mean, I tend to play the 'GOTY Edition' of games, so a lot of times my 'GOTY 20XX' is usually a year or so behind.

The BETA for Master of Orion has been pretty fucking great!

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