Poll: The Escapist's 2016 Readers Choice GOTY Voting Thread

Hey Escapists!

We're tossing out our list of candidates for the best game of 2016 to you, and we want to see your votes. The poll will run through Thursday, December 29, with the results being published on Friday, December 30.

Feel free to chime in below and tell us why you voted for your favorite game!

I haven't voted since I haven't actually played any of those games this year! Ha! My secret write in vote (totally allowed) is Oxenfree which I've just beaten and absolutely love.

I think you'll probably find plenty more people who would vote for Stardew Valley than Darkest Dungeon.

I've only played two of those games, I don't particularly think they should be GOTY. Hell, I don't think any of them are GOTY material. What a sad, sad year.

Is the poll final? Because I'd vote for Inside or The Last Guardian.

I think you'll probably find plenty more people who would vote for Stardew Valley than Darkest Dungeon.

Yeah, Darkest Dungeon seems like a weird pick, especially because it's the only indie on there.

Judging by Steam's user reviews, The Lab and Factorio are looking like great contenders.

The Lab: http://store.steampowered.com/app/450390/

Factorio: http://store.steampowered.com/app/427520/

You couldn't have allowed an "other" option?

Anyway, confining it to games I've played this year that were released this year, my personal nomination is Gears of War 4. Of the list, only played Doom, and that isn't getting my vote for best of anything.

I only played Uncharted 4. I'm currently going through my 2nd playthrough. So it gets my default vote.

I didn't play any of those listed, so my vote goes to Fire Watch. Runner up is Ladykiller in a Bind.

I think I'll just have to abstain from this, none of these are even close to GOTY material for me, and I played quite a few games released in 2016 that I liked.

I voted for Uncharted 4, even though I wasn't that impressed with it. It was alright and when I play it again I will enjoy it, but I'm glad its the last one of the series because it has seriously run out of steam.

Of the games not on the list (and that I played this year, Dishonoured 2 and Odin Sphere will have wait until they get played to be retrospectively added to the list), well seeing as XCOM 2 got released on PS4 this year, despite my love/hate relationship with it, I would say that was my game of the year.

Well off that list (of which I've played everything but Civ 6 and Uncharted (though only the Beta of Battlefield), I'd say Doom.

Dishonored 2 would beat that out though.

Darkest Dungeon is a weird choice for "obligatory indie nod". I could've sworn it came out last year, though who can tell with the years long Early Access crap. A decent handful of indie titles I'd guess would get more votes though.

Out of that list, I've only played Doom and a little bit of Deux Ex (not enough to pass judgment).

So, Doom wins by default? It's a decent enough game, I guess. Mostly fun while it lasted, although it wears out its welcome by the end. A 'one and done' kind of game. Not exactly a quality any GOTY contender should have.

Doom easily.

its not only GOTY but also game of gen and best FPS released in decade.

The Last Guardian was easily the best game I played this year. None of those games on the list are all that interesting, whether I played them or not. I played like 2 matches of the Overwatch beta and was already bored with the simplicity of the game modes. Uncharted 4 was simply a bad TPS and platformer along with shoehorning in a character you're supposed care about while ignoring the characters you do care about.

Um, none I guess? Where's The Last Guardian? I guess this really was a rough year for games.

I suppose Dark Soul's 3 is the best game on the list, but it's by far the weakest Fromsoft game to date. Post Demon Soul's, at least.

The only game I've played on that list is Darkest Dungeon..Wasn't entirely to my liking.
Stardew Valley, Starbound or Enter the Gungeon would have been better choices.

My vote would go to Stellaris (still needs work but got a solid foundation, including modding).
Next in line is Enter the Gungeon.

No Inside? Last Guardian? Dishonored 2? Titanfall 2?

I might as well vote for Dark Souls 3, it's good but the inspiration from Bloodborne is showing and I guess I played both too close to each other.

I've not played anything from that list but if I were to award something to them, then I'd probably go in this order:

Darkest Dungeon - I've seen a friend play and it's quite good.

Dark Souls - another friend is a big fan of the eries and is quite fond of the third instalment, so I'd trust him.

Civilisation 6 - looks like it's quite interesting and has that "one more turn" vibe nailed down, too.

As for my personal picks: XCOM 2 and Dishonored 2. Also, Glittermitten Grove is a very recent entry.

Echoing the "No Last Guardian?" sentiment.

Even with The Last Guardian I found this year in gaming one of the most tepid ones in a long time. '15 had The Witcher 3 and Until Dawn, '14 had Wolfenstein: The New Order, and '13 ofcourse had The Last of Us.

I don't know, I've heard good things about the Titanfall 2 singleplayer and the new Hitman, so maybe if I'd played those I'd be a bit more enthusiastic looking back on the games of '16.

I'm voting for Zootopia.

This thread seems to have started attracting more attention after it was unpinned. I was wondering why so few people were voting, guess people just ignore the pinned threads out of habit.

This thread seems to have started attracting more attention after it was unpinned. I was wondering why so few people were voting, guess people just ignore the pinned threads out of habit.

Wow! You are completely right. I don't even look at pinned threads anymore.
Nice observation. ,)

Witcher 3: Blood and Wine.

Hm...out of all of those, I've only played Dark Souls 3, Darkest Dungeon, and Uncharted 4.

Out of those three, Dark Souls III has the most playtime for me (and the platinum), but I feel like it was...missing the magic from the first game, and even from the second game. Yes, you read that right, I enjoy Dark Souls II.

Darkest Dungeon, while I love the art style and the idea behind the game, beat me. When it came time to tackle level 5 dungeons, I just couldn't do it, so I got frustrated and gave up a few months ago. Recently started a new game, hoping things go different, but even besides all that, it's really grindy.

So I guess Uncharted 4 wins for me. It was beautiful for sure, and I liked the story, but without that magical element that all the others had, it felt lesser than the previous games. Still, I think it's a worthy end to the franchise, and the DLC coming out next year has me geared up to run through it again.

i don't give a shit about any of those options.

where's the "other" option?

I voted for Dark Souls 3, but Doom and Overwatch are both probably on equal grounds for me. Some of those choices seem very strange to me (weren't a bunch of the plotlines in Mankind Divide chopped off to be sold later?). I'd also toss a vote for Stellaris, but that's not on the list.

I really don't care how good Dishonored 2 is. I will probably get it some day, but not until the PC port is fixed. Maybe it'll be decent by the next Steam sale.

Darkest Dungeon looks like it has way too many unnecessary frustrations.


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