Stonking Great Games: quest for the branston pickles

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While I felt that the mechanics we simple, solid, and well taught. I found the games difficulty ramp a bit too steep. While I may be bad at the game, trying a level more than 15 times was enough to make me want to walk away. Had I not had to judge it, I would have stopped sooner. However, it DID keep me coming back for at least 10 times. I think with a bit more balancing the game could be a nice time passer.
- Guha Bala, Vicarious Visions
Not great but not bad!
- Kelly Zmack, Radical
The core mechanic is fun and intuitive -- an excellent example of a 'lander'-type control. Unfortunately, the very uneven and hard difficulty ramp and lack of cool sound and visual effects for environment interactions keep this one from an easy 4 across the board. I can easily see this one scoring much better in the future.
- Joby-Rome Otero, Luxoflux
Nice job- this is a pretty fun, well produced game.
- Nate Fox, Sucker Punch
Gains points for shamefully playing on my love for N+ and Splosion Man, as well as providing real motivation for Yahtzee in the form of Branston pickles.
- Dan Teasdale, Harmonix
Has potential, but the difficulty curve and level design are far too unforgiving/frustrating (also, Branston Pickle is not actually a pickle, much to my disappointment after a recent Zero Punctuation-inspired order).
- Greg McClanahan, Kongregate
I proclaim 'Quest for the Branston Pickles' and its stylishly presented levitate mechanic to be pretty, pretty, pretty good.
- Chad Dezern, Insomniac
It's always nice to see someone revisiting the old Atari 2600 ET when looking for level design inspiration, but damned if that's not what we're looking at here.
- Richard Dansky, Red Storm
Challenging lunar lander style gameplay makes for a decent challenge, let down by a lack of sound, an aggressively bad final boss fight and gravity physics going snooker loopy in the last couple of levels for some reason. Also, Branston Pickle is a kind of chutney, not actual pickles.
- Yahtzee