Stonking Great Games: Development Dilemma

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Too much truth in this one.
- Rusty Buchert, Sony
There's an amusing little game here, if you can get past the sort of interminable opening sequence that would have Solid Snake throttling the player and demanding they get on with it already.
- Richard Dansky, Red Storm
Fun concept, but light on substance.
- Greg McClanahan, Kongregate
While it's a little shallow gameplay wise, it wins back those points with some nice animation and a backstory that any game developer can relate to.
- Dan Teasdale, Harmonix
It's hard not to like a game where the game designer portrays himself as an obese mustache owner looking to fix the odds a little in his favor.
- Nate Fox, Sucker Punch
A funny, fun game. Good variety and not too hard.
- Joby-Rome Otero, Luxoflux
If you're going to go story-heavy, at least have some decent closure, preferably in which I am not imprisoned forever by a fat dude in an incredibly creepy way. And at least let us skip the long-ass cutscenes.
- Yahtzee