Stonking Great Games: Zero Punctuation: The Game. The Movie. The Game.

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If you're going to put together a game with a control scheme that requires that the average player either have three hands or a prehensile tongue long enough to do serious work on the keyboard, then might I suggest you go back to the drawing board, lock yourself in the room with it, and set it on fire.
- Richard Dansky, Red Storm
The 'try again' button doesn't work, and that's probably for the best.
- Greg McClanahan, Kongregate
Could have been pretty cool if there was even a simple goal + some shooting/hitting/jumping/landing and enemy sound and visual fx and, of course, at least a basic scoring setup. I scrolled a pretty long way from the start and seemed to have killed at least 50 enemies and didn't seem to be getting any closer to a goal.
- Joby-Rome Otero, Luxoflux
Interesting attempt in trying to recreate that 8 bit feel but doesn't work, well at least for me.
- Rusty Buchert, Sony
A game too repetitious for me to recommend to anyone other than those I hate.
- Nate Fox, Sucker Punch
I think the time has come for more musical-to-video-game adaptations, and vice-versa.
- Chad Dezern, Insomniac
While I am grateful for the original attack mechanic, I am also grateful that the 'Try Again' button doesn't work.
- Dan Teasdale, Harmonix
Art that is somehow worse than no art at all. Incredibly slow-moving animation. Controls designed by a three-armed chimp. Next, please.
- Yahtzee