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OK, that didn't suck
- Kelly Zmack, Radical
While the high score is a little too hardcore for my dexterity and it has no real connection to ZP, I played it multiple times.
- Dan Teasdale, Harmonix
distillation of Diablo 2 down to its core gameplay mechanic is admirable, but unfortunately the game ended before it truly even began.
- Greg McClanahan, Kongregate
It's a game and it can be completed ... quickly.
- Joby-Rome Otero, Luxoflux
About as entertaining as bashing yourself in the face repeatedly with a sixteen pound sledgehammer, which, coincidentally, the core game mechanic resembles to an uncanny degree.
- Richard Dansky, Red Storm
I used to believe that, as Longfellow said, "In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity."
- Chad Dezern, Insomniac
The ideal game for training dedicated boyfriends to move their index fingers at near vibrator speeds.
- Nate Fox, Sucker Punch
I'd disqualify it for having nothing to do with ZP, but that might imply it would have had any chance at all otherwise.
- Yahtzee