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If I wanted to do something endlessly repetitive that hurt my wrist, I'm sure I could come up with something better.
- Richard Dansky, Red Storm
Simple and stupid suites me just fine, this game is an excellent way to kill 20 seconds.
- Nate Fox, Sucker Punch
I am not allowed to shoot sneak copter's avatar, therefore it loses points.
- Dan Teasdale, Harmonix
Lots of potential for a Imp shooting gallery style game, but only one enemy, one sound effect and no scoring/progression of any kind, it is difficult to give this effort a proper judgment.
- Guha Bala, Vicarious Visions
Ran out of time?
- Kelly Zmack, Radical
Goddamn, I rock at this game -- if only there were some way for games to measure a player's performance... oh well.
- Greg McClanahan, Kongregate
I had a pretty sweet Magnavox Odyssey clone with a light gun when I was a kid.
- Chad Dezern, Insomniac
Another incomplete game, but at least the shooting sound effect was good. When I saw that it would be a simple aim-and-shoot game I was looking forward to it. Oh well.
- Joby-Rome Otero, Luxoflux
Perhaps this could have been saved for the 'design a ZP screen saver' competition instead.
- Yahtzee