Verify Registration

As a part of account registration, we require all users to verify that their email account is valid and active. This added step helps limit the amount of user accounts created to post spam or otherwise cause trouble on our sites. When registering, you should have received an email containing a verification code, as well as a link to the verification page. You can also enter the verification information here.

Request New Verification Email

If you did not receive your verification email, or need another one sent to you, please fill out the form below to request a new one. You can also enter a new email address in the field below to update your account, if the email address entered during registration was incorrect.

Email addresses can only be changed for unverified accounts - if you have verified your account but can no longer access the email address you registered with, please contact us using the Contact Form for further assistance.

If you are having trouble getting your verification email it is almost always due to spam filters. Check your junk mail folder for an email titled The Escapist Registration. If you don't see it, add [email protected] as an allowed address on your spam filters and request that another email be sent using the form above. This email address is only used to send registration emails. If you are still having difficulty, please contact us for assistance.