Braid Gets Woven Into Interpretive Dance Performance

| 13 Aug 2010 12:00

Hit indie game Braid has received a theatrical adaptation, but it's not as a terrible movie.

Videogames getting adapted into movies aren't all that uncommon these days, despite the fact that such films have a fairly awful track record. Videogames going to Broadway aren't unheard of these days, either. But independent games like Braid being performed as interpretive dance numbers? That's a new one.

This movie is the first of ten such videos, breaking a performance by the Chaparral High School Alumni Theatre troupe of Parker, Colorado into chapters that correspond with those of Jonathan Blow's game. The result is ... well, it's interpretive dance, which is something I've never been particularly enamored by. After watching the videos of the multimedia performance, it seems more awkward than artistic to me.

That said, while the dancing isn't likely to appeal to mainstream audiences, it does an admirable job of reflecting the game's storyline and even incorporates the twist ending and its epilogue. Jonathan Blow hasn't voiced an opinion on the performance itself, but he did post a link to the videos via his official blog, which probably means he doesn't have a problem with someone attempting to make an artistic adaptation of his creation.

Source: Joystiq

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