Disney Paints a Collector's Edition for Epic Mickey

| 30 Aug 2010 00:07

An early retail listing has revealed a planned Collector's Edition for Junction Point Studios' Disney Epic Mickey.

A listing over on the Toys R Us website has outed and detailed a Disney Epic Mickey Collector's Edition that will launch alongside the regular version. Mickey fans will no doubt be forced to shell out a couple more sawbucks for this new edition, as it'll contain a few exclusive mouse-themed goodies.

The best part of the Epic Mickey Collector's Edition is a five-inch tall Mickey figurine that definitely isn't of Scrapper Mickey. It also comes in a special box splashed with Mickey paint, a game disc and behind-the-scenes DVD splashed with Mickey paint, a Wii Remote faceplate splashed with Mickey paint, and Wii console skins splashed with Mickey paint. You would think painting is a theme in the game or something.

Sadly, that's basically it. Toys R Us has the Epic Mickey Collector's Edition listed for $69.99, which isn't a bad deal for a little Mickey figurine and some skins, but it feels a little skimpy after all of the other Collector's Editions that we've been spoiled with lately. Still, it's not bad, I guess.

Disney Epic Mickey will be released exclusively on the Nintendo Wii (for now) and is expected to hit stores this holiday season.

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