Indie Darling VVVVVV Gets Mind-Breaking Fan-Made Upgrade

| 25 Oct 2010 13:17

If you thought the gravity-warping VVVVVV was tough before, then this fan-made take may make you feel a little bit ow my brain.

Terry Cavanagh's VVVVVV is one of our favorite indie titles here at The Escapist. It's an old-school platformer stripped down to the barest, purest essentials of the genre focused on a single, awesome gameplay mechanic. So, when I was first linked to the above video, I simply thought, "Hey, someone redid VVVVVV with more modern graphics. I guess that's kind of cool."

Then, I think my brain exploded. I could barely handle VVVVVV when it was in two measly dimensions and involved switching gravity up and down. This doubles that, and now I'm feeling something throb in my forehead.

Sadly, this project - codenamed VVVVVVx - is not a real game. It's a concept animated in Maya by a Terry Cavanagh fan who goes by the moniker Roxfox, and it doesn't look like it will exist in any form other than this video anytime soon.

Perhaps it's for the best after all. Can you imagine what a pain in the neck the camera would be?

(Via RPS)

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