Halo: Reach Players Depopulate the Earth Five Times Over

| 20 Dec 2010 07:52

Turns out that you can get a heck of a lot of killing done in twenty-four thousand years.

Bungie has released a new infographic which shows that through a combination of multiplayer and single-player games, Halo: Reach players have killed around 33 billion things, or five times the population of planet Earth, since the game's release in September.

The majority of the kills understandably come from the single player game, which you might describe as a "target rich" environment, but still around a quarter of the kills - or 9 billion - game from matchmade, multiplayer games. Bungie splits the kills down into categories, breaking them into specific types of Covenant troops for the single-player kills, and specific kill methods for the multiplayer. Nearly half of the Covenant deaths in single-player were Brutes, for example, and players scored 87 million multiplayer kills from beyond the grave.

Also included in the statistics are tidbits like the total time spent in-game (24,000 years), how many multiplayer games Bungie employees have lost (23,000), and a breakdown of kill sprees and multi-kill awards. If you want to check out the rest of the stats for yourself, you can see the full infographic here.

I will admit that I'm always a little amazed at how fast the numbers for big games like Halo: Reach grow. 24,000 years translates into roughly 210 million hours, and that's a lot of time for players to invest in just three months.

Source: Destructoid

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