Crate Gives First Look at Titan Quest Follow-Up Grim Dawn

| 29 Mar 2011 15:08

Crate Entertainment has released the first gameplay footage of partially fan-funded Titan Quest followup Grim Dawn.

For whatever reason, Iron Lore Studios' completely enjoyable Titan Quest didn't hit the sales mark required to keep the company in business. However, from the ashes of Iron Lore came Crate Entertainment, a new outfit dedicated to giving Titan Quest's rabid fanbase more of what it desires in the form of a new title called Grim Dawn. Crate recently offered an in-game look at what it calls a "pre-pre-pre-alpha" version of Grim Dawn, and for a game in such an early state it's already looking pretty nice.

Crate says the character featured in the video is "mostly soldier class" type. He's shown making short work of an area called the Burrwitch Slums, where he fights his way through some zombie-ish mutated things and electricity-shooting orbs using an array of skills.

Titan Quest and Diablo fans should understand exactly what they're looking at here. The character is using auras, shouts, elemental-based attacks, ranged abilities, and generally just bashing the hell out of everything with his weapon. Additionally, Crate shows off a special class skill called the canister bomb, which explodes in a small area in front of the player.

The extremely early video is Crate making good on its promise to keep fans informed on Grim Dawn's development progress. Crate is partially developing Grim Dawn with the use of funds from fans in the form of pre-orders. $20 will get the game when it comes out. $32 adds beta access, an in-game accessory, and your name in the credits. $48 awards access to the game's alpha, along with "holy reverence." If you liked Titan Quest, or enjoy hack-and-loots like Diablo and Torchlight, more details can be found on Grim Dawn's website.

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