Gears of War Meets Minecraft

| 20 Apr 2011 16:30

An industrious Minecraft player built a visual representation of the lyrics to the song "Mad World" featured in the famous Gears of War trailer.

I will always remember this rendition of the song "Mad World" by Gary Jules from when I first saw Donnie Darko and it changed my world. Many gamers were introduced to the cover of the Tears for Fears track from the trailer for the first Gears of War back in 2006. Regardless of where you first heard it, the melancholic tones evoke strong feelings and the lyrics are hauntingly poignant. As with any piece of art, translating those feelings into Minecraft blocks is the perfect way to display them to the world.

That's what YouTube user "Eire247" did with huge letters showing all of the lyrics for the first few verses of "Mad World" as a mine cart zooms by. The feat must have taken some time - and some creative editing - but the words are timed generally well to the music.

While it's not quite as evocative as Michel Gondry's original music video for the song, the ending montage in Donnie Darko or even the Gears trailer, I think I like it the best out of all three because it was made with heart.

And a diamond pick.

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