E3 2011

E3: Sony Press Conference Liveblog

| 6 Jun 2011 20:12

If you want to convince people to buy a PS3, showing off Uncharted 3 is a damn fine way to start things off. The multiplayer beta will begin on June 20. During October, US fans can go to Subway to try and win early entry to the multiplayer aspect of the game. Not a beta, the actual game.

Time for a 3d trailer for the game, featuring Helen Mirren. "Finally, Drake's secret will be revealed." That would be Sir Francis, not Nathan. The game will be out November 1, 2011.

Four years after Resistance 2, the Chimera have won. but that's not going to stop the last Sentinel, Capelli, from trying one last move against them in New York City. He'll meet several different resistance groups along the way, each with their own way of fighting back. The demo - again, in 3d - takes place in St. Louis. After a brief skirmish on some ruined streets, the demo jumps forward in the game a bit to a point where the player has to grab a power core and do....something. Folks in the audience seem pretty lost as to what exactly is going on. Whatever it is, it sure is pretty. The demo was only about three minutes, and was pretty confusing, but it certainly looked like it would please fans of the series. Resistance 3 will have a sharpshooter bundle. Available on September 6, it will include the game, Move, a Nav and a gun peripheral. All this can be yours for $150.

God of War Origins Collection is a remastering of the PSP titles. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus will be remastered in High Def. Both will launch in September and be fully playable in 3d.

A PlayStation branded 3d display is "perfect for dorm rooms and bedrooms". Two people playing a game will be able to see unique images - not split screen. Two people, looking at the same screen, will see two completely different images. Let that sink in for a bit. The monitor will come with a pair of glasses, a copy of Resistance 3, and the 24-inch monitor for $499. Additional pairs of glasses will be $69.99.

Kobe Bryant joins some folks from 2k to show off how well Move works with NBA 2k12. If it weren't for the icons on the screen letting you know where the Move was pointing, you'd swear you were watching a game on TV. Granted, having it displayed on a screen as big as my house probably helps add to the sparkle a bit, but Kobe says the gameplay is realistic, too.

Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest is the next game to show off not just the Move, but also more 3d. There's no inventory screen or weapon selection screen; to switch between your sword, bow, and throwing stars, you simply change the way you move the Move controller. The game has a playful art style, with lots of cartoony chunkiness. What's even more appealing, though, is that the motions being used to control the game look like something you could actually do for an extended play session, something I felt was lacking during a lot of the Kinect demos earlier today. That said, the overall gameplay looks a bit uninspired. Skeletons run around, you kill them, more show up, you solve some basic puzzles to move on. It may just not be a particularly compelling demo, but I'm not overly eager to learn more about Medieval Moves.

Dear Sucker Punch: Thank you for not making the Infamous 2 trailer in 3d. The game comes out tomorrow, by the way. This fall, players will be able to create their own missions for the game, with Move.

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