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E3: Sony Press Conference Liveblog

| 6 Jun 2011 20:12

In September, a much deeper Move functionality will be added to LittleBigPlanet 2.

Now it's time for a look at Starhawk, a new run and gun shooter from the folks who made Warhawk. The trailer is a mishmash of disparate elements: cowboys, mechs, spaceships. "Welcome to the new frontier," it says. It kind of feels like what Firefly would've been without the sense of humor.

And now,ladies and gentlemen, SLY COOPER. (Yes, I am very excited about this.) We watch as Sly jumps and sneaks his way across the Paris rooftops, slipping past the police as he melts into the shadows. He returns to the hideout and reveals, ho ho! He's actually Dimitri! Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will be out next year on the PS3.

Dust 514, which will be a PS3 exclusive, and Eve Online will combine to form a single universe. Dust will feature support for Move, and the experience will extend to the NGP. Closed beta end of this year, full release next spring

Let's take a look at BioShock Infinite now. It's a montage of gameplay scenes from the game, delivered quick fire. A Big Daddy-esque monster with wings attacks from above. The SkyLine, which looks like a way to travel around the city on something like roller coaster rails. Ken Levine comes out and mentions that he dissed the Move in an interview, which led to Sony asking him for a meeting. They wanted to make him a believer, to convince him that Move wasn't about goofy movement, but about removing the barrier between the game and people who love the world of BioShock. He's not going to talk about how they're integrating Move yet, though. But there is a project that he wants to mention - something BioShock related on the NGP. And that's all he's going to say. You're such a tease, Ken.

There's going to be a Move peripheral that looks like a phaser to go along with a new Star Trek game based on the JJ Abrams movie. The demo of the game itself is pretty damn gorgeous and action packed. My nerd glee is off the charts at the idea that I can play it using a phaser.

You already know about SSX from the EA press conference, but the PS3 version will have an exclusive run down Mt. Fuji. The PS3 version of Battlefield 3 will also come with Battlefield 1943 bundled on the disc. Nifty.

Kaz Hirai comes out to talk about Sony's mobile gaming options, but first takes a moment to applaud Jack's tie. One of the most important things they learned from the recent outage was the trust and the loyalty of their fans. The Network experience is not only vital for home entertainment, but also mobile entertainment. PlayStation Suite will make PlayStation content available on something other than PlayStation hardware. It will work on things like Android phones and tablets. He's not giving away many details about it, but is sure that if folks can sample PS content on something they already own, they'll inevitably find their way to a PS3 or NGP.

NGP's official name is PlayStation Vita. Which, let's be honest, you already knew. But they're confident that PSVita will blur lines between games and your real life. The features alone are "cutting edge", like front and rear touch pads, motion sensing technology, front and rear cameras, two sticks. There will be both WiFi and 3G/WiFi models, and Sony will be partnering with AT&T exclusively for the service for the Vita. The crowd is clearly not excited about that news.

Vita will also have a social connection tool called Near, which will allow you to recommend content to other players, and one called Party, which will let you voice chat with your friends in the same Party room, no matter what they're playing.

The tech looks pretty slick, but I'm dying to know what the battery life on this thing is.

My musings will have to wait, because we're going to look at Uncharted: Golden Abyss now. This should be quite interesting after glorious demo we saw for Uncharted 3. The screen on the Vita is huge, which helps keep Nathan looking pretty. Unfortunately, the demo is a camera pointed at the Vita while someone plays the game. It's basically like looking over your friend's shoulder; you kind of get the idea, but it's hard to really get a full picture of what's going on. You can use the sticks and buttons to control Nate, use the motion control to tilt the Vita and have Nate jump in that direction, or use the touch screen to guide him. Drag your finger across the screen to highlight the route you want Nate to climb, or tap an enemy to perform a stealth takedown.

Those big juicy touchscreens are just begging to let people use their fingers to design levels, which really can mean only one thing: LittleBigPlanet. (Ok, it means Mod Nation Racers, too, but Sackboy fo' life, yo.) LBP on Vita will have all the tools from LBP2.

Street Fighter. Cross. Tekken. It's exactly what it sounds like, and now there will also be a Vita version. In collaboration with Sucker Punch, Cole from Infamous will be joining the fighters. His electrical moves and flying attacks make him a natural for the game. The touch screen can be used to control the fighters - right now, Ryu is kind of kicking Cole's ass. So will Cammy find her way into Infamous 2? We can only hope.

PlayStation Vita will be out this holiday season. The WiFi only model will be $249; the WiFi/3G model will be $299.

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