Live-Action Naruto Fan Film Looks Great. No, Really.

| 8 Jun 2011 13:05

A trailer for a new live-action fan film based on Naruto looks better than most people would probably expect.

If you haven't heard about Thousand Pounds Action Company, you should seriously check their work out. Last year's Street Fighter: Beginning's End and Ultra Combos earned the group a lot of love on the Web. Now, the group's released a trailer for a new live action project that's in the works: Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight. Aside from the fact that it proves just how goofy Naruto Uzumaki's costume looks in real life, the trailer also shows how well anime can translate to live-action, provided you're willing to put some work in.

I'm not terribly familiar with the Naruto universe in general, but the look of this trailer certainly seems in keeping with the few anime episodes I've seen. The action is in keeping with the usual high quality of Thousand Pounds' productions, and YouTube comments have also paid compliments to the accurate Japanese that's used in the trailer.

Based on the official YouTube descriptor, this film sounds like it's a bit of a love affair for the creators:

Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto Series (Manga & Anime) has heavily inspired many of us so we thought it would be cool to try and translate a fight to a live action format.


The run time should be around 20 minutes. You could say it acts as a live action filler. The battle will be between The Leaf's Naruto Uzamaki & Rock Lee and is set to release this summer. Our team has put their all into this short and we really hope Naruto fans and the creators will enjoy what we've put together!

The full-length fan film is set to go live sometime "soon" (presumably later this summer). Based on this teaser, it looks like Dreamers Fight will be a blast.

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