Microsoft Registers,

| 15 Jul 2011 14:31

Ladies and gentlemen, let the conspiracy theories begin.

If you go to, you won't find anything. If you go to, you get (for some reason) a Bing search listing for Microsoft and Sony, not a website. Neither of these sites exist right now - but Microsoft owns them nonetheless.

Users on NeoGAF discovered that the two domains had been registered several days ago by none other than Microsoft itself. That's all the information we know, really - we don't know what this means, and we have no clue as to their use.

Gamers, of course, might see this as a bizarre case of universes colliding. Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PS3 are mortal enemies, and never the twain shall meet! Could this represent a strange and uncertain future where one console destroys the other - or the two combine like a miniature gaming Voltron? Would this just leave gamers with Nintendo's offerings and the XStationBox?

Well, probably not. Microsoft and Sony are very, very big corporations, after all, and they have their hands in many pies that aren't related to videogames. One theory making the rounds is that this could potentially be a Windows Phone 7 model made by Sony Ericsson, and if not that exactly, something along those lines would seem to be the most likely option.

Of course, this won't stop conspiracy theories from running rampant. You may all begin wildly speculating ... now.


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