Final Fantasy Tactics Hits iOS This Thursday

| 1 Aug 2011 15:12

Final Fantasy Tactics is coming to an Apple gadget near you, soon and for a relatively small amount of cash.

Because using the actual Internet is so 2008, Square Enix recently took to Facebook to unveil release details for its latest iteration of Final Fantasy Tactics. To wit:

Hi, everybody!
Finally I can tell you the details.

Release date: August 4th, 2011
Price: 1800JPY/ 15.99USD/ 12.99EURO

It's not a universal app and
the iPad version will be released this autumn.
(at least 1 month behind)

Likewise, the company has released a bit of media from the game, at least in Japan. That video embedded above comes courtesy of Famitsu, where you can also find a handful of screens and a ton of Japanese text.

As you may have guessed from that subtitle quoted above, this iOS port is an upgraded version of the PSP's Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. That game, released in 2007, was an updated remake of the original PlayStation's Final Fantasy Tactics. Improved graphics, redone cutscenes, additional character options; the PSP game had it all.

This iOS version however, takes that concept one step further by adding a convenient autosave system and smoothing out some of the game's slowdown issues.

Great, right? And being able to tote around one of the greatest strategy RPGs ever made within that Apple device you always have in your pocket anyway is a pretty cool idea, no? If nothing else, it's a more entertaining diversion than endless hours of Angry Birds, isn't it?

Still, that $16 price tag is a bit ... presumptuous, isn't it? Compared to other Final Fantasy games, and even their remakes, it's a steal, but in the world of iOS games, it comes off as a bit steep. I have no doubt that Square Enix will sell eff-loads of this game to their devoted cabal of fans, but dropping that price by only $6 would make the game infinitely more attractive to iOS gamers curious about the series.

Or Square Enix could release a Sephiroth DLC pack for $2 a pop and make a bazillion dollars on the elated tears of nostalgic fans. Either way.

Source: Facebook

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