Katamari Amore Headed To iOS Next Week

| 23 Sep 2011 18:26

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na! A brand new Katamari Damacy game is set for release on iOS gadgets on September 29.

Dubbed Katamari Amore (because the series is big on overt affection), the game features ... actually, I'll just let publisher Namco Bandai explain:

The game totals 24 missions including six completely new stages and four Mission Modes: Story, Time Attack, Exact Size Challenge and Eternal Mode. Additionally, one Extra Stage is included with PAC-MAN making a special appearance. Similar to the original, various control methods are supported: Accelerometer or Virtual Pad controls, the latter including single or double virtual pad options. Additional content packs with past and future stages are in development, set to release at a later date.

According to the press release, the game will appear in two flavors. The "lite" iteration will be free and include a single time attack level, while the full version will set you back $4 and include all of that stuff the company mentioned above.

As usual, both versions can be found on Apple's App Store.

Before I say what I'm about say, I want to point out that I adore the Katamari Damacy series. It's everything quirky and experimental about Japanese game design in one simple, fun package.

That said, the series has been on a decline since the original. The previous iOS game (2008's I Love Katamari) ran like a leprous dog on the hardware of the time, and all the gameplay seemed recycled from earlier, better Katamari titles.

I hope that Katamari Amore is a return to form. I'm going to buy it regardless because I have no impulse control, but I will glower sternly at Namco Bandai if slowdown or incomplete level design hinders my ball-rolling adventures.

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