Firefly MMO Dev Vanishes Into Deep Space

| 4 Jan 2012 16:45

Three years after the Firefly MMO was frozen, the group behind the game has quietly disappeared into the inky blackness of the 'Verse.

Earlier this year, fans of the (amazing and brilliant) show Firefly took matters into their own hands when the in-progress MMO was put on hold in 2008. Unfortunately, developer Multiverse isn't going to be making any progress on the project - or the Buffy the Vampire Slayer game it was also working on - as it's just been revealed that the company has shut down.

Multiverse posted a statement on its homepage, which chronicles the history of the company and its various achievements. However, it turns out none of this was enough to keep the developer afloat:

Although thousands of developers showed interest in the Multiverse Platform, Multiverse wasn't able to achieve a profitable business model. As a result, Multiverse ceased operations in December 2011 due to lack of funding.

There's no word on what will happen to either the Buffy or the Firefly MMOs, but I suspect they'll remain dead in the water. That said, you can always check out and support Firefly Universe Online (unless it gets shut down, as so many fan projects tend to).

Here's hoping everyone at Multiverse is able to land on their feet soon.

Source: Multiverse via Massively

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