BioWare's Patch Messed Up The Old Republic

| 19 Jan 2012 01:05

Patches generally fix problems with a game, but this one has caused some new problems. Whoops.

The 1.1 patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic was supposed to fix issues and exploits. Unfortunately, players who downloaded the update have discovered that - while it did solve some problems - it also created some new ones.

It turns out that Imperial PvP players have been taking advantage of faction imbalances on the world of Ilum. You can see a video example of this in action here, but here's the Reader's Digest version (as provided by the video's author, suzpaz):

This video shows how incredibly unbalanced the factions are. There are hundreds of Empire on Ilum, and only ~40 Republic.

For the past 40 minutes they've been camping our spawn killing everyone and everything. They also get a huge valor bonus for each kill due to the faction imbalance and owning all the Ilum points.

Players have - unsurprisingly - been complaining on The Old Republic's forums about the problem, and the developer has set up a specific thread to deal with the issue. According to community manager Joveth Gonzalez, "We're currently investigating potential issues related to the Ilum open world PvP area post-1.1. We understand that this is a topic of much discussion and we ask that you please direct all discussions to this thread."

At the moment, there's no word on when the issue will be resolved.

Source: The Old Republic via Massively

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