UK Retailer (Kind of) Explains Shrinking Game Selection

| 22 Feb 2012 17:05

"We can't stock absolutely everything. That's just not possible," says Game's marketing director.

Yesterday, imaginitively titled, UK-based game retailer Game, which describes itself as "the only specialist store in the UK," announced that it wouldn't be stocking any Ubisoft titles for the launch of the PlayStation Vita. Many pundits speculated this was due to Game losing its credit insurance, meaning its stores now have to pay for stock with actual money instead of IOUs, but according to marketing director Anna-Marie Mason "there's no one specific catch-all reason for the lack of stock."

True, I suspect there's about 18 million different reasons.

"With regards to the Ubisoft titles, that is one moment in time. It doesn't mean to say we won't have that title or that part of our proposition on an on-going basis," continued Mason.

"There isn't a definitive reason why we haven't been able to stock those two things most recently. But that may well change."

Ubisoft's launch lineup for the Vita consists of five games: Rayman Origins, Michael Jackson: The Experience, Lumines: Electronic Symphony, Asphalt Injection and Dungeon Hunter Alliance. Customers who pre-ordered any of those titles have been offered refunds. While I doubt any of those titles are going to be system-sellers, it's disappointing to see that the excellent Rayman Origins has been shafted yet again.

Source: Eurogamer

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