Atari Offers Big Bucks for "Reimagined" Pong

| 19 Mar 2012 18:21

Atari is offering a $50,000 prize to the person who can come up with the best iOS remake of the ultra-classic videogame Pong.

Remember Pong? Maybe not if you don't happen to be on the downhill slope of middle age, but you've surely read about the game that launched the industry: A pair of virtual paddles knocking a block-like virtual ball back and forth across a screen until someone gets bored and lets it slide past for a point. It may not sound like much now but you better believe that this was mind-bending stuff in 1972, and that was when we were still putting men on the moon.

We can't put men on the moon anymore but what we can do is remake old videogames for new audiences, which is why Atari is offering $50,000 for the best new "reimagination" of Pong for iOS devices, plus a "full revenue-share publishing agreement including marketing and PR support." Second place gets $37,500, third place earns $15,000 and the seven remaining finalists get $5000 each.

Judging will be handled by Atari [presumably an individual or small group representative thereof], Pocket God developer Dave Castelnuovo, tech blogger Mike Schramm and Atari Corporation founder Nolan Bushnell, based on the criteria of fun, originality, visual appeal and of course marketability.

Got a great idea for turning Pong into iPong? Head over to, fill out the entry form and attach a design document and a link to a playable build if you have one. It's okay if you don't but you might want to get going on it because if you do happen to be selected as a semi-finalist, you'll be expected to provide a playable demo and promotional video of your game. Entries in Atari's Pong Developer Challenge are being accepted until April 15, while the Grand Prize Winner will be announced on August 2.

via: I Programmer

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