PAX East 2012: The Escapist's Blankety Blank Panel!

| 11 Apr 2012 16:30

Quick wits combine with filthy minds on this PAX East panel.

Missed out on all the fun and games at PAX East, especially The Escapist's amazingly cool "Blankety Blank Panel"? Then you're in luck! Escapist user MstrFantastic was able to capture a few clips of the hilarious panel, which featured our very own Managing Editor Susan Arendt hosting a live version of classic TV game show Match Game, and was nice enough to post them up to his YouTube account!

For those unfamiliar with how Match Game works, two contestants compete to match their answers to that of six celebrity panelists in various fill-in-the-blank statements.

Below you'll find all eight clips of the Blankety Blank panel, which featured MovieBob, Kathleen DeVere and Graham Stark from LoadingReadyRun, former The Escapist Editor-in-Chief Russ Pitts, Activision's Dan Amrich, and Kyle Orland from Ars Technica.

Warning! These clips may contain some not safe for work language.

Part 1
Question: "PAX East is a great place to meet new friends. But, if you stay out late, be sure to remember to wash your BLANK!"

Part 2
Question: "A children's welfare group is lobbying to demand the removal of the world "troll" because it damages self esteem. From now on, they would prefer you to use the word BLANK."

Part 3
Question: "So there's been backlash about the Han Solo dancing mini-game in Star Wars Kinect, but it's actually worse than the first version, where he was BLANKING."

Part 4
Question: "There's a new classic arcade opening up in Las Vegas and it is definitely not for kids. For instance, their version of Pac-Man is played with a giant glowing BLANK."

Part 5
Question: "Halo fans have a bad image, you know, because of the stuff on Xbox Live, and they want everyone to know that they're really nice people, so on on the cover of Halo 4, instead of a gun, Master Chief will be holding a BLANK."

Part 6
Question: "A group of Browncoats started a Kickstarter to get another Firefly movie made, and the incentives for donating are pretty great. For $100, you get Nathan Fillion's autograph. For $1000, you get his BLANK."

Part 7
Question: "The New York Times recently reviewed the Game of Thrones HBO series and pretty much said you needed to be the kind of person who played Dungeons and Dragons to really get into it. Game of Thrones fans responded by sending BLANK to the New York Times."

Part 8
Question: "Lots of people think that game tester is the worst job you can have in game development, but it's not. The worst job is actually the guy that has to BLANK."

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