Fiddy Goes to Facebook

| 19 Apr 2012 11:52

Hardcore legit hip-hop star 50 Cent is dealing Blackjack on Facebook.

I don't usually get too excited about Facebook games, but a social blackjack game starring Fiddy? You better believe that has my attention. This is the real deal, too, "a hot new game [that] appeals to 50's broad fan base and blackjack lovers alike." 50 Cent's Blackjack drops players into his "lavish club," where they can play against the dealer, their friends and other 50 Cent fans. But this isn't just blackjack, it's Fiddy blackjack, which means buyable powerups that provide "boosts," like an immediately ace or a heads-up that the next card will bust your hand, plus the usual solo or multiplayer options with chat, friend invites and all the rest.

"I am excited to partner with GSN Digital on this venture to create an unparalleled social gaming experience for my fans," Fiddy probably didn't actually say, but it's in the press release and I enjoy the mental image of him speaking that out loud. "50 Cent's Blackjack is filled with fun twists and innovative features that is sure to provide hours of entertainment."

How does it play? The man himself invites you to "get yourself right" [which is to say, customize your avatar] before you enter the casino, after which you're greeted with an incredibly cluttered image explaining the game's many options. Ignore it and hope for the best by clicking "play now" and you're off, into a fairly standard mutiplayer blackjack game with a repeating, inoffensive backbeat, flat voiceovers and tips filled with lines like "What up, it's ya boy 50 Cent!"

I can't even begin to guess how something like this this affects Fiddy's "street cred" or whatever it's called these days. Negatively, I would think, but then I see Snoop Dogg shilling for 7-Eleven and AOL, and I realize that I have absolutely no idea what's what anymore. Whatever it is, 50 Cent's Blackjack is currently in open beta so obviously there are going to be a few rough edges but all in all, it looks like a pretty complete product at this point. Is it any good? Hey, you tell me. Give it a go at

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