Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC Takes Combat Indoors

| 26 Apr 2012 11:31

Didn't your mother ever tell you to take your damned horsing around and gunfights outside?

Battlefield 3's multiplayer is known for its wide-open, sprawling maps that let players jump out of airplanes to bazooka other airplanes, among other things. This June, EA and DICE hope to change that with "Close Quarters," a DLC pack that focuses heavily on short-range, indoor combat.

The trailer you see here to the right focuses on "Donya Fortress," one of four new maps included in the new pack. True to the DLC's name, the combat is up-close and personal, though we do see some slightly open areas in the form of a palatial courtyard that would be serene and relaxing if it weren't currently being blown the hell up.

Also, the trailer does a magnificent job at highlighting how the Battlefield 3 engine handles terrain destruction. Watching the shards of stone and masonry fly around the battlefield is almost more brutal than watching the actual human characters dying in bloody carnage.

I feel really bad for the janitors, let me tell you that.

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters is slated for a June release, with the PS3 getting it a week early. Check it out here.

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