Best Buy Employee "Outs" Straight Guy

| 4 May 2012 17:05

A heterosexual gentleman has accused a Best Buy Employee of impersonating him on Facebook.

Denver resident, Rich Dewberry, took his mobile phone to Best Buy to have it repaired and was given a new phone. Unfortunately Dewberry hadn't signed out of Facebook and shortly after he deposited the phone, his Facebook status was updated to read, "I am gay, I'm coming out."

"The phone just started ringing constantly after that from [an] ex-spouse to friends," he said.

Dewberry filed a complaint with the store, who responded that they'd already fired the employee responsible.

Now the "sign in as someone else and make them say embarrassing stuff" prank has been a mainstay of pubescent jokery for years - I recall one wasted summer spent trying to sign up a friend for an al-Qaeda terrorist cell - but Dewberry isn't laughing. He apparently isn't very keen on being mistaken for a homosexual.

"I feel I have been humiliated. My reputation has been tarnished," he said.

"Just having to explain it to certain people that I haven't been in contact for a while," he continued. "I feel I shouldn't have to do that."

He's currently exploring his legal options with his attorney. That is not a euphemism.

Source: KMGH

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