Rovio Announces New IP

| 11 May 2012 23:18

Amazing Alex will follow in the wake of Angry Birds.

Rovio has devoted an awful lot of time to knocking things down. With four entries in its juggernaut Angry Birds series, players have had ample time to knock down every shoddily-constructed porcine fortress on earth and into the unbounded galaxy beyond. Perhaps it's appropriate, then, that Rovio's next game will focus on construction. Amazing Alex, based on Rovio's recent acquisition of puzzler Casey's Contraptions, may just teach kids a thing or two about building things.

While Angry Birds is definitely a kid-friendly series, Amazing Alex appears to be aimed primarily towards youngsters. The game centers on a lad named Alex (contain your gasps of surprise) who would rather put things together than antagonize industrious green swine. Like Casey's Contraptions before it, Amazing Alex will be a physics-based puzzle game with an educational undercurrent. Think along the lines of Gizmos & Gadgets!, but with a modern twist.

Amazing Alex is set to launch in about two months, although release platforms are still a bit of a mystery (smartphones seem like a good bet). Rovio is not done with Angry Birds; not by a long shot. Even so, no hugely successful company can milk a single franchise indefinitely, so Amazing Alex will be a good opportunity for Rovio to demonstrate its gaming chops. It may not get downloaded a billion times, but it could certainly help set up Angry Birds 5, in which the birds must marshal their forces to take down Alex's terrifying creations.

Source: GameSpot

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