"Mid-Core" May Be the New "Casual"

| 15 May 2012 23:55

Spending trends indicate that social players are gravitating towards more traditional titles.

There are two types of gamers according to conventional internet wisdom. The "core" gamer, who is beautiful and just, and the iPhone-wielding "casual," who if the forums I frequent are to be believed, resembles a Morlock in khaki pants. Some fringe lunatics posit the idea that getting more people into gaming is always a good thing, and that even the most casual gamer can, with a little bit of guidance, learn to appreciate the finer things in life. Like Dark Souls. Current spending trends seem to indicate that this is indeed the case.

A report from market research firm, SuperData, suggests that the revenue brought in from the average social gamer has dropped from $45.58 to $37.59 in the span of the year. However, while gamers are spending less in certain games, they're actually buying more games overall, particularly in the shooter and strategy genre. Less interactive games, like Farmville, have been hit hardest by the reduction in revenue.

The so-called "Mid-Core" are driving social game growth, with the total percentage of paying players rising from 1.4% to 2.5% in the space of a year.

"Mid-core social games are clearly driving the current momentum," said Analyst, Janelle Benjamin. "This emerging genre represents a different gaming demographic that spends substantially more."

And that's how we do it folks. You introduce granny to Farmville, then Jetpack Joyride, then before you know it she starts, beasting as Magneto.


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