Street Fighter X Tekken Patch Introduces Game Breaking Bug

| 17 May 2012 23:15

Players maining Rolento may want to avoid update 1.04.

Or download it immediately, if you enjoy hard resets. The 1.04 patch for Capcom's latest fighting game - the one with the cannibal problem - does fix some of the game's weird hit box issues, but it also introduces something a lot worse. The game will crash, requiring a hard reset, whenever Rolento's knife attack makes contact with another projectile.

The video below shows the glitch in action:

It's a minor issue, and unfortunately nowhere near as chuckle-inducing as the aerodynamically-challenged dragons Bethesda accidentally introduced in one of its Skyrim patches, but it's more bad publicity that the game can ill afford right now. Especially given that, despite selling over a million copies thus far, SFXT isn't meeting Capcom's sales expectations.

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