Schilling Releases a Bunch of Copernicus Screenshots

| 31 May 2012 16:02

A world begging "to be seen and lived in."

By now, most gamers who keep up with news on a regular basis are well aware of the disaster in Rhode Island that saw 38 Studios close its doors and its pre-natal MMORPG Project Copernicus presumably abandoned. It's a bit difficult to make an MMO without employees, after all.

The man at the center of the mess is former baseball star Curt Schilling, who reportedly stands to lose $50 million of his own money on 38 Studios' implosion. Beyond the loss of more cash than any of us are likely to see in our lifetimes, Schilling was also a massive fan of MMORPGs, which was what led him to found a MMO studio in the first place.

Schilling has posted a handful of screenshots from Project Copernicus on Facebook, calling it "a world that has to be seen and lived in."

These were images "from the most magical, breathtaking and awe inspiring world ever created," he writes. "Images I was 'allowed' to peek at along the way, when the team wanted us all to see the magical world we were building."

They're certainly very nice-looking screens, that's for sure. Some of these definitely look like places I'd want to visit in an MMO. Alas, this may be the last we'll ever see of Copernicus barring some kind of investment miracle. You can't help but feel for everyone involved in creating a world that will never be "seen [or] lived in" - especially those who are now out of a job.

What a mess.

Source: Facebook

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