Bulletstorm Dev Working on Gears of War

| 1 Jun 2012 14:18

The next Gears could be a prequel.

With the proposed Bulletstorm sequel canned, Polish developer People Can Fly is free to work on a new project or two. At least one of said new projects is the next Gears of War, which will be revealed next week at E3.

When news broke about the existence of the newest entrant in the Gears series, people peppered developer/publisher Epic Games for details. Understandably, the studio was tight-lipped, but Epic president Mike Capps confirmed via Twitter that People Can Fly was involved in its development.

Now, "involvement" in development is a vague term. It's possible that Epic has completely turned development over to the Painkiller studio, and it's just as possible that PCF is helping out while Epic does the lion's share of the work. Or maybe they're splitting the work 50/50 - the point is, People Can Fly is working in some capacity on Gears, which is heartening for anyone who enjoyed its previous titles.

A rumor back in November 2011 claimed that People Can Fly would be making a prequel to the main Gears trilogy that covered the formation of the squad and the events of Emergence Day. Now that PCF is officially tied to the series, that rumor suddenly has a bit more credibility to it.

We'll learn more at next week's E3, dicktits.

Source: G4TV

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