E3: Far Cry 3 Adds Four-Player Co-op and More

| 4 Jun 2012 22:20

Ubisoft says it didn't build just one game with Far Cry 3, it built two.

The big Far Cry 3 news at Sony's E3 presser was all about the multiplayer - specifically, the addition of a four-player co-op mode to the game, developed independently of the single-player game by Ubisoft Massive. It's hardly a groundbreaking feature, but what makes it interesting is that it's set entirely separately from the single-player campaign, with stand-alone missions that require actual cooperative gameplay rather than just four people shooting at the same things. To keep the action fresh, it will also include a map editor, allowing gamers to create their own levels and share them with others.

Innovative or not (and let's be honest, at its core, it really isn't) the best part of the Far Cry 3 presentation was the foursome playing the game on stage. Presumably staffers at Sweden-based Ubisoft Massive, they battled through a few minutes of the game while shouting at each other with an urgency and accents that made them sound like nothing so much as a squad of chefs trying to get a moose to hold still.

Sony will offer a Far Cry 3 hardware bundle when the game launches, with a PlayStation 3 console, controller and of course the game itself, and PS3-exclusive DLC is also in the works. Far Cry 3 is currently scheduled to come out on September 4.

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