E3: Portal 2 DLC Brings Move to Aperture Science

| 5 Jun 2012 17:15

Bust a move in Portal 2. For science.

Gamers who happen to own the PS3-version of Portal 2 are in store for an interesting bonus later this year. A new DLC pack for the PS3, titled Portal 2 In Motion, brings several new maps to the first-person puzzler in addition to incorporating PlayStation Move.

Demoed on the E3 Show floor, the pack contains several maps that allow players to use the PlayStation Move controllers to manipulate and rescale objects in order to complete various puzzles. Previously, the content in the pack was exclusive to those who picked up the Razer Hydra peripheral.

There's currently no specific date on when the pack will be available, although with Valve it's anyone's guess.

Source: Polygon

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