Pokemon Black and White 2 Appears This October

| 28 Jun 2012 15:39

Trainers can return to a different Unova this fall.

Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Black and White Version 2 will be launching on DS systems October 7. The follow-up to last year's Pokemon Black and White takes place two years after the events of those games, bringing new gym leaders, locations, and even a movie studio to the dramatically changed Unova region.

Don't worry, 3DS owners--Nintendo has something for you, too. Pokemon Dream Radar will be available to download on the same day. The standalone app utilizes "the Nintendo 3DS camera, motion control, and augmented-reality technology, to discover and catch Pokemon." Nintendo's description makes it sound like Dream Radar will be similar to fan favorite Pokemon Snap, except you play it in your living room. (Look out, there's a Pignite behind that recliner!) Though the sequels are DS titles, those who play Black and White Version 2 on their 3DS systems will be able to transfer Pokemon from Dream Radar into their games.

Though it's not a full retail title, Dream Radar sounds like it might be one of the more interesting uses of the 3DS camera and augmented reality technology so far. And since first-party titles on the 3DS have been few and far between (and the publisher has yet to announce release dates for some of its most anticipated 3DS games), having a reason to play a 2D game on the 3D system is better than nothing.

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