Kingdoms of Amalur Launch Trailer Leaks

| 9 Jul 2012 17:00

A leaked Project Copernicus video offers a glimpse into an MMO world we'll never get to explore.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what 38 Studios had in mind for Project Copernicus, the fantasy MMO it was working on at the time of its collapse? We'll never know for certain or to any great depth what was in store, but we can at least get a sideways look at it now thanks to a purported launch trailer that's found its way into the wild.

The trailer, which bills the game as simply Kingdoms of Amalur, shows off a few in-game characters best described as an ogre, a dwarf, and elf and a human, waving their weapons around and casting spells as a narrator talks about the infinite circle that ever turns. It looks potentially cool, if somewhat generic; to my admittedly untrained eye, this trailer, minus the title graphics, could have come straight out of World of Warcraft. But with a setting built upon the success of the single-player RPG Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, there was at least some potential for the game to distinguish itself in the fantasy MMO genre.

I can't say it's fun to watch this video, because the ugly collapse of 38 Studios represents the end of a dream and significant personal trauma and financial distress for an awful lot of people. But it's fascinating to see, even for just a few seconds, what might have been.

Source: Kotaku

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