Buy Wasteland 2, Get Wasteland 1

| 10 Jul 2012 01:40

The upcoming Wasteland 2 will include a copy of the original end-of-the-world RPG classic from 1988.

There's a reason that a small but very dedicated segment of the gaming population is so excited about inXile's upcoming end-of-the-world RPG Wasteland 2. That reason would be the original Wasteland, the brilliant 1988 post-apocalyptic epic that inspired the far more well-known Fallout franchise and, for many of those lucky enough to have played it, made an impression that lasts to this day. Alas, the challenges of making a quarter-century-old DOS game run on modern PCs meant that those who missed it were likely stuck in that state forever.

Until tonight, that is. Because tonight, inXile chief Brian Fargo revealed that Wasteland 2 will include a copy of the game that started it all. "The number one request we had during our Kickstarter campaign was to have the ability to play the first game. Fortunately EA has continued to support us on this project and has granted us the ability to bring the original to the players," he said. "It certainly will not be a pre-requisite to understand Wasteland 2, but it adds some extra flavor if you did play the prequel."

Fargo said on Twitter that EA's terms for allowing the inclusion of Wasteland were "very fair," but clarified that it cannot be released prior to, or separately from, Wasteland 2. How exactly the game will be made to run on current system is also still being hashed out. "It's too early for me to know all the detailed issues with including the original Wasteland," he said.

Wasteland 2 is being developed for the PC and Mac, and is currently targeted for launch in October 2013.

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