San Diego Comic-Con Cosplay Gallery

| 16 Jul 2012 15:00

Check out the best costumes from one of the greatest cosplay events in the country.

For one special weekend in midsummer, fans descend on the city of San Diego in California to hear the latest news about comics, movies and TV. The concentration of nerd culture is extreme, and no one shows their geek spirit more than the thousands who don costumes and makeup to appear like their favorite characters. The level of cosplay dedication varies from the casual to holycrapinsane, and a correspondent on the ground in the San Diego Convention Center to capture the best visages. Many thanks to Hilton Collins for snapping all these great shots.

From Jedi and Sith, to Superman, Wonder Woman and Galactus, the cosplay from this year's SDCC did not disappoint. Here are images from the best cosplay of the weekend. Share and enjoy!


You look like you need a drink, Tony.

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