Smite Dev Removes "Offensive" Goddess From Website

| 26 Jul 2012 17:34

Universal Society of Hinduism president wants Hi-Rez Studios to show Hindus "responsibility, respect, and maturity."

Hi-Rez Studios' online arena game Smite has attracted a lot of controversy with its use of religious figures. Hindus criticized the game for "trivializing" their religion a few weeks ago, and Catholics and Buddhists soon joined the protest. In response to complaints of its depiction of the Hindu goddess Kali, Hi-Rez Studios has removed the offending image from the game's website.

Hindu statesman and President of Universal Society of Hinduism Rajan Zed called this a "step in the right direction," thanking Hi-Rez Studios for being so understanding. However, Zed still wants to see the developer "show some responsibility, respect, and maturity" and remove Kali from Smite entirely, along with fellow Hindu gods Vamana and Agni.

Aside from removing the image of Kali from the Smite website, Hi-Rez hasn't commented on the controversy, so it's not known whether the Hindu gods will be taken out of the game as well. If not, this probably won't be the last time the self-proclaimed "battleground of the gods" is part of a religious controversy.

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