Here's How BioShock Would Look on CryEngine 3

| 10 Aug 2012 04:40

Is a man not entitled to a fancy new engine?

Just in case you need another reminder of the unstoppable march of time and your own inescapable mortality, BioShock turns five years old this month. While it's still a gorgeous game, thanks mostly to Irrational's excellent design work, the Unreal 2.5 engine that powers it is starting to show its age. Scott Homer, an artist at Crytek UK, has whipped up a few shots of what the game might look like if it were running on the newer, fancier CryEngine 3.

The result? Prettiness.

There's no lighting or particle effects, so some of the much-praised BioShock atmosphere is missing, and it looks like the Splicers have broken out the mops and tidied up a little, but it's still impressive work. The screenshots actually seem closer to the game's CGI trailer than the actual finished product.

The smiley face on the Big Daddy's knee is a new addition. It's actually the logo of the Polycount Forums, a popular digital art forum, the members of which crank out stuff like this all the time.

Source: Scott Homer's Portfolio via NeoGAF

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