Gears of War's Baird Coming to Minecraft XBLA

| 10 Aug 2012 14:26

Notable Xbox 360 characters are included in Minecraft's upcoming second skin pack.

The Xbox Live Arcade version of Minecraft will soon be getting more DLC in the form of a second pack of skins. An additional 45 skins will be added to the game, among them the five characters from Xbox 360 games seen in the image.

On the far left in blue is Agent Level 5 from Crackdown 2, joined by Joanna Dark of Perfect Dark fame and Gears of War's Damon Baird. The orange and yellow creature is one of Viva Pinata's Pretztails, though it barely resembles the fox-like pinata. Rounding out the group is zombie-hunting Bill from Left 4 Dead, who may or may not be getting too old for this.

There's no release date or price for the DLC, or whether the other 40 skins will also feature notable video game characters. Since several other 360 games, including Halo, have already had characters get the Minecraft treatment, one can only guess who will be next.

Source: Play XBLA via Kotaku

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