Worms: Revolution Trailer Introduces Class System

| 13 Aug 2012 10:39

New classes, new environmental hazards and an in-depth look at Wormius Fisticuffius, in this trailer.

Worms, the Team 17 blast-em-up group warfare franchise that has been going since 1995, is about to get another addition: Worms: Revolution, in which the little pink death machines seem to have evolved. Worm scientists, soldiers, scouts and heavies will blow hell out of the environment - and each other - trying to eliminate their foes.

Worms has had about twenty editions all told, including the 3D interface games, and they've all been broadly the same game. Take your tiny malevolent killing machine, point its sheep / old lady / mortar bomb / holy hand grenade / other weapon more or less in the direction of the enemy, and pull the trigger. Physics does the rest, which usually means you have as much chance of hitting yourself as you do the enemy.

The franchise has been criticised for not doing enough to innovate, and Worms: Revolution has some interesting ideas - classes, new water hazards - some of which may seem a little familiar to players of other team-based games. A damage-soaking heavy? A support class which drops independent gun turrets? Hundreds of hats? Hmmm. However it's the humor that sells the franchise, and that seems to have survived intact.

Worms: Revolution is due out sometime in October 2012. In addition to the latest trailer there are also a series of developer diaries, and those can be found here.

Source: Joystiq

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