Steam Reject Mutant Mudds Goes to GOG

| 17 Aug 2012 09:39

Renegade Kid's platformer finds a home on GOG, Desura and Gamersgate.

When last we saw Mutant Mudds Valve had rejected it, saying it wasn't suitable for Steam distribution. It wasn't clear why Valve rejected this well-regarded indie game, and the situation highlighted the arcane nature of Valve's distribution process. Shortly afterward Valve introduced Greenlight to solve this problem, but that came too late for Mutant Mudds. Now - like an old serial hero - Mutant Mudds has escaped that perilous deathtrap and gone to GOG, Desura and Gamersgate for a PC release.

You play as Max, a kid determined to save the world from squishy invaders in this platformer. Mutant Mudds has a 3D gimmick, in that you can leap jetpack-style and play either in the foreground or the background. Better be careful, since some of Max's enemies have ways of making 3D work for them too.

"I know I am a little biased," developer Jools Watsham Tweeted, "but I think you're going to love Mutant Mudds PC. The new levels have turned out great. Plus, we have added something that improves replayability and creates a sense of community. What could it be?" Watsham didn't say, so this extra widget will probably be a release-day surprise.

Speaking of release day, that date will be August 30th on GOG, Desura, Gamersgate and Renegade's own site. The initial price tag is $7.99, but that will only be until September 5th; after that it goes up to $9.99. Its Nintendo incarnation already has a lot of fans; with luck, it will make an equally large splash on PC.

Source: Renegade Kid via Joystiq

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