EA Reveals Dead Space 3 DIY Gun Shop

| 17 Aug 2012 14:03

From a jury-rigged mining tool to the Jesus and Mary Chain Gun, the Dead Space franchise has come a long way.

Remember back in those first moments of the original Dead Space, when you were struggling desperately to survive an onslaught of horrifying space zombies with nothing to protect yourself but a glorified flashlight? Good times! Doesn't look like that'll be the case in Dead Space 3, however. This time around, the intrepid Isaac Clarke will pack serious heat, including some that he designs and builds himself.

The Dead Space 3 Weapon Crafting trailer demonstrates how easy it is to design, build and share weapons of whatever type you like, but my fancy is tickled more by the names of the blueprints that are already in the game, like "Hot Death," for instance, or the "Show Stopper." There's also "Mjolnir," which is presumably good for hitting people, and my personal favorite, "The Jesus and Mary Chain Gun."

It's not exactly subtle and Dead Space purists may find it a little off-putting, but I think if we accept that EA has, despite its protests to the contrary, pretty much abandoned the survival-horror angle and turned this game into an undead slap-chopper, then we might actually have some fun with it. DIY gunnery is always a good time, after all, and embracing your inner Jesse Ventura can be surprisingly cathartic.

Dead Space 3 comes out on February 5 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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