Spy Hunter Returns in Spy-Slaughtering New Trailer

| 20 Aug 2012 11:13

The legendary 1983 arcade classic returns, for PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

Spy Hunter, the Bally Midway arcade thriller from 1983 that became a videogame legend, has a new lease on life courtesy of Warner Brothers. The G-6155 Interceptor - capable of transforming to a boat and an off-road monster, all the better to chase down enemies - will return later this year for your spy-killing pleasure. Their latest trailer shows of a little of the action you can expect, provided you have a Vita or 3DS.

You play as the unnamed Agent, driving the revamped supercar down the most dangerous highway on earth. Spies - or terrorists, this time out - abound, and it's your job to zap the lot of 'em without gunning down too many civilians en route. "Strategic strike long-range weaponry," will be at your disposal, according to Warner Brothers, "plus additional support from of an unmanned aerial support drone, enable players to plan their destruction when assaulting enemy agent strongholds." The original featured machine guns, missiles and oil slicks; the drone is new, and there are probably other tricks up the Agent's sleeve. Plus, of course, the iconic Peter Gunn theme tune, which thankfully doesn't seem to have been changed too much.

Hokay folks, repeat after me: "oh God! I'm how old?"

Now that's over with: this is due out October 9th for the Vita, slightly later for the 3DS. Yes, there will be multiplayer, but only for the Vita, and Warner Brothers also promises "multiple mission types" based on the kind of vehicle (boat, car or off-road) you happen to be driving. No word on how many elements of the old game will resurface in the new; maybe this time there'll really be a graveyard level after all ...

Source: Joystiq, Warner Brothers

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