The Escapist Expo Gets a Movie

| 21 Aug 2012 17:00

Check out the Expo's first promo video, featuring zombies, lasers, and joysticks. Oh my!

Fact: The Escapist Expo is going to be so awesome that words won't do it justice.
Also Fact: The Escapist understands this, and has therefore made a promo video to accommodate.
Also Also Fact: You should watch it.

The Escapist Expo is just around the corner now, coming to Durham, NC in (gasp) less than a month(!) September 14th - 16th. If you haven't gotten around to registering for the event, now would be the perfect time. Day passes are still on sale for $15 each, while thee-day event-long passes are only $30! You can sign up for either right on the event's main site,

We've also opened up registration for all of the con's events, like our huge assortment of Magic: The Gathering competitions, videgogame competitions, and cosplay fashion show. Sign-ups for events like Chest High Walls outdoor laser tag and Humans vs. Zombies will be available onsite.

We'll see you there!

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