Infinity Blade, Now With Added Politics

| 23 Aug 2012 06:36

Vote!!! The Game may be the most accurate simulation of the political process to date.

In case you've missed the wailing and chest thumping that's currently flooding the media, the US of A is currently gearing up for a presidential election. The problem is, while people love talking about elections, they're not so good at taking part in them; the States has a notoriously poor voter turnout record.

Epic and Chair are doing their part to promote democracy by releasing Vote!!! The Game, a free iOS "cartoon-style political slugfest," which pits political caricatures against one another in Infinity Blade style sword fights.

Like Infinity Blade before it, Vote is essentially a modern rendition of the classic Punchout formula. Players can choose from a selection of political personalities, including cartoon versions of both Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama, outfit them in ludicrous costumes and have them beat the snot out of each other with microphones, sparklers and balloon swords. It's essentially a more dignified version of the actual presidential debates.

Vote was made at the behest of Rock The Vote, an organization that strives to get young Americans off their couches and into the voting booths. During its 20-plus-years of operation, the organization has managed to register more than 5 million young voters, 2.5 million of which registered for the 2008 election.

Source: Vote: The Game

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